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New England Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer 

Haaaave You Met Jess?

It's easy to work with me, I promise.

To Infinity and Beyond

Here's one for the couples who are just as nerdy, wild, and Disney loving like me.

 Photography is a incredible passion of mine. And here I am living the dream.

It's not typically about capturing a memory, but being creative with what is seen. Of course, the ultimate goal is to capture moments that call upon reminiscence. However, it's more than just taking a picture in my eyes.

You only get one shot (no pun intended) for the special moments in your life. I'm here for those moments. I live for those moments. 

If you're worried about being awkward, fear no more!

Looking to capture your natural love?

You want a photographer who finds & shows passion in their work.

Meet Jess

I feel the best part of working with me is how comfortable I make others feel because of how awkward I am. The biggest concern I get from my clients are how awkward they are. Well, that's fine. Awkward only means genuine in my book!

Anything I do or say is super awkward. People laugh at me, friends and family specifically. I love it. I laugh at my flaws. I believe it's the best way to live really. Letting your own flaws defeat you only makes yourself feel worse about them. Own up to them, laugh at them, and view them as a unique personal quality. So when working with me, I may trip or fall, but trust me I'll still get the image.

My clumsiness will allow myself to capture the best candid photos ever

I'm awkward & I know it

But why choose me?






These would be my values


I'm ready if you are



simply just wanting to be silly, fun, awkward, and weird like me 

and finally

All Kinds of Food


Concerts & Festivals


Double points if you ask me to photograph you at one.



Double points if your house is also Gryffindor.

Harry Potter


Double points if you're a part of the rebellion.

Star Wars


Christmas is my favorite holiday. I start listening to Christmas music in August after my birthday. Once my birthday passes, my focus is on Christmas. Don't worry, I won't be singing or playing Christmas songs during our sessions (Unless you want me to!)



I'm obsessed with Pokémon. Growing up I used to have all things Pokémon. This included a bed set, big plush character pillows, books, clothes, board games, and of course all the Pokémon cards I could get. And yes, I still have them. I even have a Pichu tattoo dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda.



I have had cats my entire life. There is never not a time where I am without a cat. I cry at the cutest of all animals. The sound of a kitten meowing will defeat me. I'm waiting to have my own pupper too. Always feel free to bring your animals to our sessions! I encourage it.

Cats & Dogs


Disney karaoke is life. I celebrated when Disney+ released. I have seen almost all of the Disney movies. I am constantly wishing to be a regular visitor to Disney World. I am regularly jealous of everyone who visits. If you want your wedding there, I will cry happy tears if you hire me.



If you love any of these incredibly nerdy things, it's meant to be...

Wanna know if we'd work well together?

especially Taco Bell